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Are you ready to become a courageous leader?

There are two things which make a business successful, its leaders and its people.  Without them performing at their best, profit isn’t possible without alot of pain.  I am committed to helping you make sure both are achieving their full potential.  It’s my belief that a business with a soul and a heart, as well as a brain, is what makes the difference when you’re striving for brilliance in your market.

My model is simple; passion, purpose and performance fuelled by the head, heart and soul.

I typically work with innovative, creative and purposeful businesses who genuinely care about creating a place to work their people can thrive. I work alongside them, a critical friend, helping them to identify what could be improved and working toward making those changes.  I do this through packages tailored to each clients needs or through ready established programmes that I know empower leader development, confidence and impact.

I know first hand it can be hard taking time out to work on your business, which is why it’s important we work together through relationship, more deeply, taking our time to ensure what the work addresses the right priorities.  The work we do together will give you the results you need so you can spend more time on the areas that make your heart sing.

I work in two ways. Directly with the leaders or business owners, helping them to reassess, reshape, refine and improve the culture and direction of their organisation. The second way working with the wider management community to develop their people, relationship, communication and leadership skills.  I do this through 121 executive coaching or working with teams in workshop setting.

Supporting Leaders

  • Do you want to put more purpose and meaning back into your business?
  • Are you tired of feeling over stretched and always working?
  • Are you fed up of all the difficult conversations you’re holding ?
  • Are you craving a work life balance that includes more life ?
  • Do you feel lost but still determined?

Supporting Leaders

Developing Managers

  • Find yourself managing people with no manager training?
  • Do you want your team to be more empowered?
  • Are you craving a way of working that encourages employee wellbeing?
  • Are you ready for more ease around difficult conversations?
  • Are you ready for management to feel easier?

Developing Managers 

The only wisdom you’ll ever truly need is the wisdom already inside you, my job is to help you unlock it.  Curious? Why not invite me for a brew, so together we can work out exactly what’s standing in your way?

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