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A more courageous type of leader

A courageous leader understands they have a responsibility to themselves, their people, their business and the planet.

It’s no longer enough to create an environment focussed on profits and growth alone.

We are in a major transition from the old ways of doing business, towards something new.

This new way of doing business, one which puts people and planet alongside profit, is here now.

Businesses and leaders who embrace this transition will see their achievements outstrip anything seen before.

The legacy they leave will be lasting, because it will be about the way they operated rather than what they did.

This transition calls for a different, altogether more courageous kind of leader.


A Courageous Leader…

  • … is awake enough to realise that working on their own learning, a deeper more personal kind, is an essential priority for the performance of their business
  • … understands the impact they have on their people is a skill which can be enhanced and improved with the right awareness and support
  • … knows the power effective communication skills have on motivating and engaging their people
  • … works tirelessly to develop the skills of authenticity, honesty, clarity and bravery
  • … seeks alternatives to traditional forms of business planning in order to ensure maximum positive impact on people and planet
  • … is always open to feedback, learning and experimentation
  • … values relationship and works hard to maintain them

A business with a soul and a heart, as well as a brain, is what makes the difference when you’re striving for brilliance in your market.

If you care about creating a place to work where your people can thrive and the planet is nourished by your presence, then let’s have a brew and I’ll share with you what I know. A formula of support and inspiration to enable your business to be amongst those businesses who do the right thing.

Courageous Leaders

  • Do you want to put more purpose and meaning back into your business ?
  • Do you want to create a place to work where people and planet matters ?
  • Are you ready to look at what needs to improve to reach the next level ?
  • Are you ready to be awakened to a new level of awareness ?
  • Are you craving more effective relationships with your peers and your people ?

Courageous Leaders

Responsible Business

  • Are you ready to put people and planet first ?
  • Are you ready to embrace new ways of working ?
  • Are you ready to navigate difficult conversations for breakthroughs ?
  • Are you ready to be challenged ?
  • Are you ready to evolve your business to the next phase of evolution ?

Responsible business

There is another way.  A more courageous and impactful way.

If you’re curious to know more, let’s have a brew.

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