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“Wonder is the place where light enters”

– Rumi

Becoming a manager can feel like the biggest achievement and the biggest curse all at the same time. A genuine promotion to power with more responsibility. Potentially a step toward the board and senior leadership team.

And then reality hits.

It’s hard frikking work. Not all people are built the same. What motivates one pisses another off. What inspires one, sends another running for the hills. Your instructions for getting sh*t done seem to be creating resistance. You end up taking on more and more responsibility because you can’t figure out what your people need and before you know it, you’re doing everything, holding on the big tasks, feeling overwhelmed and under paid. Probably dreaming ab out the easy job you had before this promotion.

Managing others, when you’re taught the skills how to do it effectively can become the most rewarding part of your job. You need to like people (otherwise you’ll always struggle). You don’t need to like every individual but you do need to respect the skills that they already bring and the potential they have to develop into.

Managing others is all about understanding relationship and communication. Leading requires those skills and more. Both require that you have a good understanding of yourself. What your strengths are, where your blind spots operate, how you get in the way of yourself, how you get in the way of others. Management and leadership is not something you can learn on a short course, through reading a book or learning new strategies.  It’s a deeper inside job.

I have been where you are now, I understand the minefield you’re trying to navigate. I have over 20 years experience of helping others to unlock their manager and leadership skills. I’ve been mentoring, coaching and teaching others how to build effective teams that perform and are happy places to work.

You have to be ready to invest, your time, your energy, your wisdom. Are you ready for a more courageous conversation?

The philosophy

Performance through Passion and Purpose

Bringing together the wisdom of head, heart and soul

Cultivate cultures that empower others to greatness

Employee wellbeing at the heart of everything

Relationship and communication critical skills

How we work together

1. 121 Executive Coaching

2. Manager training

3. High performing team audits

4. Creating a culture for employee wellbeing

5. Consultancy

What makes me different?

I’ve walked in your shoes, I know how the pressure feels. I’ve gone on a deep inner learning journey of my own, experienced burn out from over performing and I’m constantly seeking to find new and innovative ways of bringing employee wellbeing and manager performance to life holistically and easily so that you get to thrive at work and in life.

The process is simple

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