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“Wonder is the place where light enters”

– Rumi

With over 20 years experience, Simply JP  has been working with innovative businesses and their teams to help them improve performance the wise and effortless way.  We pull together talent from a community of experts all aligned to our ethos to create the growth you desire by making your life easier, more fulfilled and more outstanding.

We are typically invited to help businesses tap into the wisdom that already lives inside their business – their people.  All projects are tailored to your needs so you’re only investing where you really need to.

The work we’ve done has enabled teams to outperform their performance targets, double in size, streamline for buy-out purposes, enhance existing client relationships from tactical to strategic and generally create a happier less stressful workforce able to produce better quality work.  As a result of our work our clients are winning Investors and People and Great Place to Work awards too.  Whilst awards are nice, we focus more on employee experience, performance and joy at work (and trust that the awards follow naturally from that place).

Our Ethos

Performance through Passion and Purpose

Bringing together the wisdom of head, heart and soul

Products and Services

1. Leadership and Exec Coaching

2. Manager training

3. Team building with a difference

4. Employee wellbeing programs

5. Action Learning Groups

6. Meditation training

What makes us different?

We’ve walked in your shoes, we know how the pressure feels. We’ve achieved amazing things, gone on deep inner learning journeys of our own, experiences burn out and we’re constantly seeking to find new and innovative ways of bringing employee wellbeing and leadership performance to life holistically so that you get to thrive at work and in life.

The process is simple

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