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“Onwards to Glory”

– Jennifer Potter

Being leader at any level can be a lonely, daunting and difficult place to occupy. I’ve been there, Ive worked in large corporates with multi million budgets and teams of people to be responsible for. It can be the greatest and the most challenging part of your day.

The way to great leadership is changing. We live in an ever uncertain world and the old way of leading is no longer viable for the future that faces us. We’re all learning together.

I’m only interested in working with leaders who can say yes to the following list.

  • I genuinely care about the people I employ
  • I want to create an environment for people to work in that supports them to do their best work and feel happy
  • I’m interested in adapting my business to ensure that we have a balanced approach to profit, people and planet
  • I want to learn how to lead through vulnerability, courage, kindness and love
  • Im interested more in sharing the power and collaborating for the good of all

There is no magic formula to success, no ten step process, three stage model because each of us is different. We come with our own unique DNA. Which means the only thing holding you back from being greater than you already are, is you. Great leadership cannot be learnt from a book or an intellectual training course. It goes way deeper than that. It lives in our bones, our DNA, our conditioning, our place in society our upbringing, our beliefs, our experiences and that’s why a deeper developmental journey is the only way to developing yourself as a leader.

If you’re not ready to look in the mirror and ask yourself some soul searching questions about the impact you have on your life and on others, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got.

If, on the other hand, you’re ready to look a little deeper and see what you’re really capable of, then reach out. I’m all about relationship. I may or may not be the right leadership coach for you. We’ll figure that out together in a free chemistry call. Give me a call or email if this speaks to you.

The process is simple

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