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“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable”

– Mary Oliver

Becoming a responsible business is no longer a choice. Global warming is a very real threat to the future of human civilisation on this planet.  This is a complex far reaching problem and requires complex solutions in order to mitigate the reach of that impact.  Businesses and leaders taking a proactive approach to their impact on the planet will soon outweigh those that don’t.  

Global warming is more than just energy and carbon footprints.  So many factors influence our global climate from consumption to agriculture, to gender equality, food, land use, buildings and cities and materials.  If we stretch our horizon widely, and dare to look at our own organisational footprint, we will see that the impact of our businesses are more than just how we travel to work.

Responsible business requires a thorough investigation into the following ;

  • Environment and our commitment to green alternatives
  • People –  a commitment to create ethical and responsible places to work where people have the best chance to thrive. Ensuring employee wellbeing and diversty and inclusion are at the heart of your people strategy
  • Community – cultivating responsible relationships with ethical suppliers throughout your entire supply chain
  • Customers – Increasing the flow of capital to purpose driven enterprises
  • Governance and review – aligning mission ethics and accountabilities

Organisational transition and change is not easy. Once you’ve recognised the opportunities to enhance the impact your organisation has on people and planet, the real work starts. Engaging and inspiring your people to get behind and support the change is crucial.

I’ve been working with small to medium dynamic organsiations for over 15 years to support them in the evolution of their organisations. Bringing consciousness and awareness, as well as courage, to identify what needs to be addressed in order to evolve and do the right thing.

It’s not for everyone.

Those that dare, succeed.

The process is simple; a phased consultative approach that offers you choice points and keeps you in the driving seat. Lets have a brew.

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